The China Public Private Partnerships Center ("CPPPC") is mainly responsible for the policy research, consultancy and training, capacity building, financial support, information collection, international exchanges and other matters related to public-private partnerships (PPP). Its specific responsibilities include:

(I) collecting and sorting PPP-related theories and case studies at home and abroad, and studying PPP practices, such as government procurement, budget management, investment and financing mechanisms, risk control etc.

(II) setting up PPP operational guidelines and contract guidelines, assisting the government in screening suitable industries for PPP, selecting appropriate PPP models and establishing standardized PPP project process, and carrying out the construction of PPP demonstration projects.

(III) providing consultancy and training to offer technical support for the government in such stages as identification, evaluation, bidding and procuring, and contract management with respect to PPP projects; organizing training sessions to improve the operational capacity of PPP personnel.

(IV) supporting and facilitating the financing for PPP projects by ways of equity, loans, guarantees and others.

(V) establishing a PPP information platform and improving the statistical system.

(VI) developing cooperation and communication with respect to PPP work with international organizations and institutions.

The establishment of the CPPPC will provide necessary technical and organizational support for the advancement of PPP work, and will promote the development of PPP in a regularized and sound manner.

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